Unbelievable story of Nivada Grenchen Taravana

We think that we need to know its story as much as to have an original watch.

The Nivada brand cares about timing, and we can tell by choosing this critical name, it may have taken a bold step. NIVADA taravana must have trusted the mechanism of valjoux 7734. Even now we don't think there is a debate about timing.

Nivada Grenchen Taravana

Before explaining the meaning of the name taravana, we want to talk about taravana syndrome.

Taravana syndrome, form of decompression sickness that is most frequently seen in pearl divers in Japan and the Polynesian islands. These skin divers acquire their pearls by making breath-holding dives down to depths as great as 165 feet (about 50 m). During a day’s work, they may make 60 to 100 dives in succession, with intervals of only a few seconds to two minutes between dives.

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Taravana is a Polynesian term that in the language of the Tuamoto Archipelago means “To fall crazily” (Tara = to fall; Vana = Crazy ). It was reported in the scientific community and linked to the freediving world in 1958 by Dr. E. R. Cross to define a syndrome characterized by symptoms of neurological problems such as: vertigo, paralysis, paresis, visual and hearing impairment, state of confusion, loss of memory, or similar symptoms in the Japanese sponge divers, the famous AMA divers.

Nivada back side

The taravana syndrome can be avoided by allowing surface intervals of 5 to 10 minutes between dives, permitting the nitrogen accumulated from the previous dive to escape the body before the next dive increases the amount of nitrogen retained.

Nivada taravana, which was designed after these years: may have been asked to explain how much this watch brand gives importance to timing.

Grenchen (French: Granges) is a municipality in the district of Lebern in the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland. It is located at the foot of the Jura mountains.

Nivada taravana, which came out of our watch collector's chest, was recently on sale, and completely original and unmodified.

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