Why should you choose us?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


  • Our store sales that have been uninterrupted for 40 years and we are excited as if we have just started our business.

  • The wrist watches that we offer you are our own watches. We do not sell consignment. We reserve the right to whom the watches we buy and sell in accordance with the law on the use of personal data belong.

  • It is not only important that our watches work properly, they are also important to be original.

  • We do not want to sell any watch that we are not passionate about, which will not make us happy.

  • We do the shooting of our watches ourselves, we do not use filters or photoshop.

  • Unlimited technical support and assistance before sales continues after sales.

  • Our primary duty is to ensure the safety of our customers. we keep technological security and data up to date.